[SOLVED] Slider not working properly (last APP update)

Hi Blynkers!
I have seen after install new APP the slider is not working as before.
When I open the APP it shows last value (in negative) and the slider is always at the left side, you can see below the screenshot:

When I touch it, the number goes directly to 0 and when I move the slider works as always, after close the App and open it again the same issue with the last number in negative.

The slider works from 128 to 0, I’m running Android.

Thanks in advance for your support!

If I change to other project and come back to this one it does the same.

Please post the screenshot of this slider Settings

Hi Pavel!
Here you are:

Thanks as always for your fast reply.
Let me know if you need something else!

Just for your information, the code and everything is here:

Hi again!!

I noticed if I change the settings from “128 – 0” to “0 – 128” it works OK!

Any idea?

I’ve actually also noticed that if I set it to a number (not the max), leave the app, it always has the slider maxed out when I return to the running app.

What would happen if you use the map() function instead of setting up the slider like this? I know it’s not really nice, but it may lead to some result as to where this problem comes from.

I think it’ll work, that was my first thought when I saw from 0 to 128 worked fine. Just two lines of code will do the trick while our friends discover the way to solve this issue. Am I the first one to set the slider opposite way? :wink:
Many thanks!

Thanks for your report,

Next build, which we plan to release very soon, will contain fix to this issue.

It’s a pleasure. Many thanks for your support!

Fixed. Please check in latest release.

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