[Solved] Shared project is locked on another device (when project not active on master App)

I create a garage opener project for my brother. It is a simple project with an ESP. I use Android, he has iOS. we had some issues opening the tiny URL, but it is OK at the end.

What we observed, that unless the project is running on my phone, he is getting a message that the project is locked and he is not able to use it.

Can you guys shed a light on how you were planning make this functionality work?


While I am not a developer, there have been other discussions about sharing… basically, it is not a bug.

Sharing is well, for sharing and demonstration… not long term (currently… who knows what they have planned for future). If you want longer term multi-user access, without being dependent on the “master” project being open, then you will need to both use the same App login.

I read the same as well, but I was hoping the answer for this would be different. Why would you share this feature, if it has such a limited functionality? The app has a separate screen on how the sharing works, but this would have been a vital piece of information to share as well. Like this, the sharing function is pretty useless, especially considering that Blynk is asking money for it.
I am quite disappointed to be honest, so I am hoping there is a solution for this.

To show off your project while under your control without fear of someone editing it or unauthorized access.

There is, use same account login… or go the publishing route and you can make it however you want. https://www.blynk.io

Either way, hang in there for a day or so and I am sure a Developer will chime in if necessary.

Like I said, it is totally useful for it’s intended purpose… but if you want even cheaper than half a cup of coffee for sharing, then you can install Local Server for FREE :smiley:


So, your master project is active and sharing doesn’t work?

Seems like a bug to me.

Thus if project active, sharing works… if project NOT active, NO sharing.

But if you want to call it a bug… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I understood problem is that it doesn’t work even project is active.

Well, unless the OP really goofed in his post and is making me a goof for misinterpreting it (it happens ;)) it was more a “Why can’t it keep working ALL the time” issue.

I’ll leave it between him and you for now… just in case I am wrong (it happens ;))

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Just to make it clear:
If the project is running in master phone, it is available in the shared apps.
If the project is not running in the master phone, or the blynk app is not running the shared phones see a project locked massage.

Should I start the project and exit the blynk app whilst the project is still running? Or what should be the correct process?


Sounds like it’s working perfectly. As pointed out by others, sharing is to make a running project available to other users like a “demo”.

Correct. In case you have ready and finished project you don’t need anymore to stop it. That’s was the main idea. So run project and you close app and shared project will be available and working.


Thanks. It make sense now, but it was a little confusing first. Thanks for the clarification. Please consider adding this to the instructions in the app.