[SOLVED] Rtc widget - offline mode timeout


i would like to use the rtc widget on my hardware (d1 mini pro). however, the board is working mainly in offline mode (not sleeping, just the wifi is turned off).

my question: if - at startup - blynk is allowed to run for 1 minute and rtc is updated, then i disable and turn off wifi, for how long it is possible to use the rtc?

i mean, for how long will timestamp = String(hour()) + "." + minute() + "." + second() + "> "; return a somewhat accurate value?

or is there a limit if not able to connect to server for a certain amount of time, will break the rtc functionality?


What your definition of this?

Short answer, long time.

lets say, under 1 minute.
currently i’m testing the rtc in offline mode for some hours, it works up to now.

since there is a command to regularly synchronize, setSyncInterval(time in seconds); that implies two things, it will retain the ongoing time/date in between sync, however inaccuracies may occur over time depending on other concurrent timer activity, etc; It may also be device dependent,.thus necessitating the sync command. I suppose only testing and comparing over time :wink: will determine the accuracy answer…

this is what i’m doing right now, it seems to work already for ~4 hours +