[SOLVED] RTC Problem?

I have been using rtc for a while… and all of a sudden, it isn’t working. Has something changed?

Make sure you have the latest library and server if you run it locally

Yes the change was published on the Announcements page around 6 weeks ago.

I usually use the library built in arduino app to handle updates to libraries. Missed the update on your webpage. Will try and keep an eye on it.

For others… previous version needed BLYNK_ATTACH_WIDGET(rtc, V0);
this has been removed in 4.4.

@vshymanskyy I hope I am calling on the right person. But I just noticed that in the DOC’s, while the example sketch is correct, the picture still shows a pin assignment option (and the explanation should perhaps also state “No Pin Required”). RTC Seems to pop up a lot recently and this might be a small point of confusion for new players.

@Gunner thanks. fixed.

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