[Solved] Resizable widgets on Blynk app 2.8.1 Android

I noticed a bug on 2.8.1 update. New widgets are resizable, but this do not happen for widgets created before the update.

Yeap. We will fix tomorrow. Thanks for reporting.

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Fixed, new build will be available in several hours.

Few hours ago I updated app from PlayStore and the version is always 2.8.1
Is It correct?


But the problem persists. I noticed that in a full dashboard of widgets, these are not resizable. IF i delet a widget, the other widges are resizable. So the problem happens when dashboard is full

do you have space for resizing? If no - this is correct.

If there is no space for widget resizing - resize frame would not be shown.

Dashboard is full, but Can i make smaller a widget (for example labeled value widget)? This widget Can be made smaller, but in a full dashboard i can’t

Heh, yep, we missed this moment.



Take your time :joy: , it’s not a critical bug :wink:


maybe i’m missing something, but how did you created those icons on the tabs?

…by the way, for me even if the dashboard is NOT full, i can’t make a slider smaller once i’ve set for maximum size.

@wanek from your Smartphones keyboard emoji.

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wow, i 've never thought about this… :slight_smile:

@BlynkAndroidDev thanks for the 2.8.2 update. Issue has been fixed

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@BlynkAndroidDev I found a bug on 2.8.2 version. When I tap on Terminal Widget to change settings, app crashes. It happens only for this widget.
I have a Huawei Nexus 6P Nougat 7.1.1

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Yep, there were such issue. Yesterday almost after 2.8.2 got online we released a new build with the same version - just open google play and check for an update.

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Yes, i updated the app from PlayStore and It work perfectly

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