[SOLVED] Push Button gets "stuck" in blynk app

I have a blynk app which has three standard “push” buttons that trigger a relay when they are pressed - and its been running great for many weeks. Just the other day it started to behave erratically. When I press the button on the app it gets stuck or sticks. It goes from OFF and gets stuck on OFF and remains highlighted. Any idea what may be going on ?

Wifi issues? Any network changes lately?

Im using Arduino Mega with a Ethernet sheild

Hello. Is that iOS? WE have a bug there.

Hi, yes it is iOS (iphone) - is this a known bug ?

Yes, it is fixed. Will be available in next update.

thanks expected ETA ?

I have the same problem on Android since the last app update.
When I open the project, one or two buttons are highlighted, as if they were pressed (they’re configured as push buttons).
It does not look like they’d constantly trigger their action, so it’s probably just a display error.

If it matters, I have green and red buttons in this project and it only seems to affect the red ones.

@mars Update is already in store. Please update.

@cy5y your issue is not related to this topic. Probably this is Sync feature. http://docs.blynk.cc/#blynk-main-operations-state-syncing

@Dmitry thanks - yes updated and works nicely