[SOLVED] Problems scanning a large QR code from another project

HI I have been trying to use blynk to read the QR code posted above and just can not read it I am using a Galaxy 7 I have used this same phone to scan the QR code that @Jamin posted for his Gate Logger and that worked fine. I have been following @William sense he started this build and can not read any QR he posted for it. but have scanned ones in the past he has made for a different project just fine. I have an Energy Balance of 6,300 should be enough to read it. I have tried focus on/off and if there is a go to online scanner or one I should have to download for test things like this point it out to me please


Hey Dale! I’d offer help if I knew what the problem was? My QR codes work just fine for me. :confused:

I click on the button for New Project then the scan button on top and it goes to camera view and I have tried it with auto focus on and off and holding the camera in horizontal and landscape. I place it on a box to sit stead in case it was me shaking it or some thing but it just does not like the QR code is there some other way to get the program from you other than QR code ??

@William and @Dale QR codes come with an associated url.

Some phones seems to struggle with the actual QR codes for no apparent reason. I have just used the last QR code on my Android and it was fine.

I have created the QR code and the associated url is:


but it makes it harder to post to a forum.

Looks like the Energy required is 6100 but I believe it warns you if you are short of Energy rather than simply failing to scan.

how can I use that url to import the QR code in to my phone?

Ensure Blynk is open and then open the url in your Smartphone’s browser.

I open blynk then opened google and used that as my browser and went to the url nothing happened do I need new project opened or some thing?


Working fine here with google Chrome on my Android phones.
What actually happens when you enter the url in your phone’s browser?

got it fixed soon as I used Chrome it worked Guess using Google and IE wont cut it have to use Chrome

Hi how did you generate the URlL for the QR code did you have to do it after opening it on your phone? then what just want to be clear on this so if @William wants to change the code how can he send me the url instead of the QR code ?? just looking for a short answear that might help out a lot of other people that will read this thread

When you create a QR code there is a Share button for you to select how you want to distribute the QR code via regular Android sharing applications. Select Gmail and email it to yourself and anyone else. The email will include the QR and url (plus url links for Android and iOS versions of Blynk for anyone that doesn’t already have it on their phone).

Thank you that will be very helpful for a lot of people I am sure I know it will be for me

now this is solved time left to fix a MQTT problem I am having and the world will be right :wink: