(SOLVED) Only 6 data in export csv

Ciao, when I ask CSV export from History Graph in the blynk application the file will arrive in the email, but with only 6 value. I take temperature from 3 days so it is not possible .

Could someone help me.


Hello. Please attach your history graph image.

This is week page

The only data in file are


Hm, please forward to me email you get to dmitriy@blynk.cc
Is that local server or blynk cloud?

I sent, is from cloud.

Ok. Bug confirmed. This is due to multi devices. Does your history graph assigned to second device?

The first it is not really necessary, how can I delete it?
in the Project setting / devices … I can’t.

We will release update with fix soon. Stay tuned.
You can’t remove first device. due to back compatibility. This will be changed in nearest future so.

Thanks . I sign SOLVED

@polipo1970 please check recent update. Should work now