[SOLVED] npm problem while setting up to Blynk + Javascript tutorial (Raspberry Pi)

Hello Blynkers!

I’m starting with Raspberry Pi this week and after think about it I was going to start to blynk with Javascript to make projects with the app, so I start to do this tutorial: Blynk + JavaScript in 20 Minutes [Raspberry Pi, Edison, Espruino …] and first I checked if I have installed the NodeJs with:

node --version

And I saw that I have this version preinstalled on Raspbian with Jessie:


Then I proceeded with the steps, when I type:

curl -sL "https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_6.x" | sudo -E bash -

The systems responds with:

## Installing the NodeSource Node.js v6.x repo...             ## You appear to be running on ARMv6 hardware. Unfortunately ly supported by the NodeSource Linux distributions. Please us' binary tarballs available directly from nodejs.org for Node

But the problem comes when I type the npm commands to install like:

sudo npm install -g npm                                    sudo npm install -g onoff                                  sudo npm install -g blynk-library

The system gave me this message:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo npm install -g npm
sudo: npm: command not found

I don’t know why I have this problem, I think that I have to install it manually by other terminal command, I hope that somebody could help me to install and make this thing work.

Best regards :cold_sweat:

Check this link:


And if you are using Local Server here is my rundown of the install and setup of the RPi Client using Local Server.


Excellent! :smile:

I can now do projects with Node.Js! Did you know some projects based on electronics or IoT which can I do?

Thank you!