[SOLVED] Notification Widget error message

I try to add a Notification Widget on my Android Phone, When add, I got this message on the Phone:
“User not allowed to perform this operation”.

FYI! The widget has been working in another app on same Phone.

Please update your app or local server.

I uninstalled the Android App and install new from GooglePlay.
Version is now: 2.13.4 (using Blynk Server).

Still same error message, when add Notification Widget.

Could be due to your Android permissions (or lack thereof) for the Blynk App?

Wait… just saw this… what other App? You running multiple copies of Blynk? If so, the clones may have issues with full accessibility to phone resources.

I fixed the error. I removed a newly installed SMS gateway App, then restart the Phone.
Now it works. Problem solved.

I have the same problem. When I add notification widget, the blynk shows message “User not allowed to perform this operation”. Notifications allowed for the application.