[SOLVED] Notification error when trying to send auth code

Hi All,

I am trying to set up my local server and managed to go through everything so far.
when logging in with the default admin@blynk.cc account the auth codes were sent out just fine. (without any configuration form my end).
Once I registered a new account and wanted to send out the Auth code for a project I got an error message telling me “Notification Error. Try again later.”
I deleted the account, and created an account using the same email address that I also configured in the Server Config to be the sender email address. (gmail.com, using the default port 587, lowered the security in the gmail settings so it should be all right)
I am using the latest version 2.18.0(1) iOS app and the server-0.35.3-java8.jar version on the Raspberry pi as the server.
If anyone encountered the same issue and managed to solve it, I would appreciate any help

Thank you

What Java version are you using?

I get this error when running the server on Java 10.


I am running Java8 on raspberry pi

Managed to figure out what the problem was.

The first clue was that the email and the password were not saved although the webinterface showed the “Success” message when editing and saving the config in the WebUI.

I had to manually create the mail.properties file and put it in the same directory as the jar file.

to keep it neat I moved the jar file along with the mail.properties file into /home/pi/Blynk and created a subfolder for the DataFolder.

now I can send the auth mail ! :tada::raised_hands:

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