[SOLVED] Not enough space on android app for widgets

why on android app it is not possible add some widget more than screen size but on ios app we can use many widget?
so how can i solve "not enough space widget on android app???
why this is not possible on android???

What version app are you running?? The current version 2.13.4 has full support for tabs and scrolling (up/down) for more apps than your average user would generally need for a single project.

Here is my (on Android) main app’s first tab with a bunch of added large widgets… I could have added more, but limited to the timeframe of the GIF maker :wink:

i cant download the app from play store(not supported on my country)
can you send for me the apk file latest version?

And what country is that? How did you get the version you have now?

I can’t provide anything like that… only the developers can. @Dmitriy

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ok thanks.

is it(blynk app) supported android 5 or higher?

Yes. I am using 7.0

In the past the developers have stated that they do not hand out APK files, so I will leave that up to them in this case.

But since the cause of the issue is resolved (old version app), I am marking this topic solved.