[SOLVED] Nodemcu firmware

Is it the NodeMCU firmware (0.9.5) that should be uploaded to the esp8266 to get it to work with blynk? The original firmware that runs AT commands, can not be used, I guess.

It was a long time ago sien a did a new Blynk project, but I think I used the NodeMCU flasher to get the firmware in the esp-01 module.

I will use the esp-01 just as a wifi-module. Behind it is a Arduino mega 2560 module.

You can use the esp8266 1 module as well with the normail aithink firmware together with arduino mega. The esp is then connected to the tx and rx of the mega
There are several examples on internet and the library where at commands are used together with blynck

I found an old note I did. I have now installed “v1.1.1.1 AT Firmware.bin”. I guess that is the “aithinker”. But all googling I did this morning was pyserial + SDK and other stuff. So I got confused. I used NodeMCU flasher + this firmware and it works great.