[SOLVED] No high resolution on galaxy Note 4 as before?


To get high resolution I adjust it first on my galaxy S7 edge then I got it on Note 4

Mm? I don’t get the question. High resolution periods will work only on new app’s version (from 2.21.0) - on your first screenshot I see old app’s UI.

both devices Note 4 & Galaxy S7 are on version 2.21.0

the only way to get High resolution on Note 4 is to set it up on my S7 then to open it on Note 4

Your first screenshot has UI from previous app’s version, we have no this list selection in 2.21.0

I will check again

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YES, you are correct.
last night i left my Note 4 to update 30 app.
but it seems that Blynk was not updated.
I am sorry for your time and please remove this post.
thanks again and best regards.

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