[SOLVED] Migration of my blynk server

Hi! First of all sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve a problem with my private server:

I’ve installed a blynk server on my pc just for a test and I make a domotic app with Blynk on my phone and all work correctly.

Now I’ve bought a Raspberry as my definitive private server… The server work without problem but now I want move the application (menu, button… ecc) from the old server (PC) to the new one (Raspberry).

It’s possible to do it? It’s a lot of buttons and other widget! :sweat:

Thanks a lot

Hello. Yes. All you need to do is just to copy dataFolder to new server.

Thanks a lot! Now work :wink:

I have another questione but I don’t know if I must open another post or I can write here… because it’s a very short question:

I’ve a pubblic IP address and I want use the app when I’m not connected to my lan.
I understand that i must use my pubblic ip address instead the local address… but which port I must redirect on my router?

You need to make port forwarding from 8443 (public IP) to 8443 (local IP, where server is).

Tanks Dmitriy!!! Now it’s perfect!!!