[SOLVED] Manually updating Blynk Library Version 0.4.8

I have forgotten how I manually installed the Blynk library with windows 10 extractor the path i am using just now is
C.\Users******\Documents \Arduino\libraries\Blynk
When I open Arduino IDE there is no blynk library ,my mind has went blank but I did manage to do it manually
I appreciate some members will be fed up of my question but if a member could let me know what I have done wrong I would be greatf full

A simple solution would be to install the Blynk library via the library manager of the Arduino IDE :slight_smile:

Unless it’s changed recently that’s a recipe for disaster. To use Blynk you need around half a dozen libraries that are all included in the zip file. IDE can’t handle multiple libraries.

Unzip them and paste them to the correct location.

I think they might have improved it?.. I seem to recall using the IDE update feature the last few times and everything “seems” to be working… but then I don’t use any ESP, NeoPixel and TinyGSM stuff

That said…


If you really want to be sure of no “old” file corruption, first delete the Blynk folder in the \Arduino\libraries side.

Then just open the Blynk_Release_v0.4.8.zip file and copy all the folders in it’s library folder directly into Arduinos library folder. Then do the same thing with the Tools folder.

To all that replied to my request for help for manual installation of the Blynk library I managed to install the libraries and what a difference i have uploaded libraries that would not update before so again thanks to all the help has been much appreciated


I was guided to install 0.4.8 by @Costas, and to do so followed the directions on the Github site. All the right files were there in the appropriate directories, but the compiler obstinately continued to compile with version 0.4.7.
Then I turned on Verbose mode for the compiler in the File-preferences menu. I found that the compiler was finding multiple copies of one of the libraries I was using, in an obscurely named directory (called arduino_634673). How it got there I do not know.
I moved this to the wastebasket (so I could get it back if needed) and after that everything worked well, and the compiler use the libraries I wanted it to use, and reported that it was using 0.4.8 as I wanted.
So the verbose mode for the compiler, in file preferences, was the key to solving this.


good to know, thanks!

unfortunately, the arduino ide sometimes can produce really strange / annoying / hard to debug feats :frowning: