[Solved] Local server docs bug

hello @Dmitriy,

i think there is a bug in server docs, regarding the auto start. in current docs it says:

"To enable server auto restart find /etc/init.d/rc.local file and add:
java -jar /home/pi/server-0.23.5.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk &"

but actually this line should be added to /etc/rc.local file.

/etc/init.d/rc.local is the script file, and /etc/rc.local is the config file. the above command should be in the config file, not in script file. this is why the above method not worked for lots of people here on the forum, including me…

i have tested right now, on my local server:

  • commented out the @reboot java -jar /home/pi/server-0.23.5.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk & in crontab

  • added the line java -jar /home/pi/server-0.23.5.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk & to /etc/rc.local

  • restarted the pi, and the server started up. just make sure to add the above line BETWEEN the fi AND exit 0 lines!

Hm… Thanks for pointing. Fixed.