[SOLVED] Local server => adding energy error code (413)

hi @Dmitriy
i’m using local blynk server V0.25.1

I can see in my admin I have the value 400 in my Energy field
[I assume this is the energy left rather than total energy configured for account ?]

When I try to change it to say, 1000 I get an Error : “Oops, an error occured (Code 413)”

I have other accounts which seem to allow we do successfully add energy but this particular one.
Any idea of what could be wrong ?

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Hi. Do you see errors in logs?

not that I can discern.

hi Dmitry, any thoughts as to how I can address this error - what does error 413 mean ?
If there is someway I can migrate all data from one user to another perhaps ?

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@mars You could try manually editing the *.user file that matches your user accounts email. (in the Blynk folder on your Local Server). Any text editor should do the trick.

Search the file for “energy” It should be right near the end of all the text in that file. Obviously you will need permissions to edit the file.

hi @Gunner actually I was playing with it earlier and did just that and it worked.
I also managed to solve the whole cloning restriction by extracting the relevant projects from one user properties file to another - it was a little tricky to complete :slight_smile: