[Solved] Level widget issue?

Well, perhaps this way: I tried to “check” this new LEVEL widget, but just simple replacing a value display widget with new LEVEL doesn’t work for me. A Blynk.virtualWrite() just puts some float value clearly seen on VALUE display, but there is nothing (just ‘0’) on LEVEL.
are there some special requirements for value passed with virtualWrite() for LEVEL widget?

Please try send integer value. Does that help?

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With integer values It works. I think it’s better with float values too, for example temperature or kW of consumption etc

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Agree. We will fix in next update.


Ah, got it! Thanks for info. Agree with @mimmo13 though: would be nice, if floats be supported too!

Still no support for floats ;-(

@ssozonoff What do you mean? Floats are supported already.


Certainly not working for me. I am sending Lipo battery voltages as a float and my Level widgets are showing zero. Value widget works fine.


What version of the APP are you running? BLYNK Server or Local?

Are you sure it is not a coding issue? Does it work if you change only the float to an int?

Maybe post your code.

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I have the latest version for iOS, 2.9.4. If I use a value widget instead of the Level widget I see 4.1 as the value so I am quite sure its working fine, having said that it coud be a subtle JSON thing like quotes or no quotes around the value …

I just ran a simple sketch that reads the analog value from a photoresistor as a float. It then does a virtual write to 2 virtual pins every 1 second. In the app I set up a Value Display and a Level H, both set to push. Both displays show the same value, and behave as I would expect.

I am using an Android, running version 2.13.4, on the Blynk Server. Programmed with the Arduino IDE.

Well the history graph shows the correct values … if you look at the bottom half of the screen.
The Level stuff shows nothing.

Show the corresponding code… otherwise we are all just guessing here :wink:

I am using Node Red together with the Blynk Node Red module so I dont have much code to show you. Msg Payload in Node Red is fine and as I said the data works perfectly fine in Blynk with a Value Widget.

{ "battery": 3.74, "coord": [ 0, 0 ], "port": 8, "temp": 20.29 }

Not super scientific, but on my Android phone, I ran the output of my Thermistor into a Level Widget (range of 0-50), held it for a second to heat it up a bit then let it it run for a few more seconds to stabilize and get some slightly differing samples…

All seems to work fine with floats for me, so perhaps your issue is either IOS related, @Eugene ?

Or how you import the data from Node Red to that particular widget… however I have absolutely no Node Red knowledge so just a guess :blush:

Level widget on iOS wasn’t updated to show float numbers. Numbers are rounded to the integer now. We’ll fix this in the next update.

Thanks for reporting.