[Solved] LCD Display

Got new update from App store today. LCD Pin issue that was previously reported was resolved. App is now storing the pin number but display stopped working.

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How come I dont see any update available ?

Google App Store Blynk info

Oh Google! I have an iPhone. It seems to me they support better the Android phones.

Android can be updated in an hour. Every apple review takes 10 days…

Sad truth of the world

Thank you for the explanation. That explains why I see the Android phones with a better support. I know Apple is a pain you know here… The only thing I like from Apple is the Iphone.

Thank you for releasing quick update. LCD Widget now displaying content in Android App :+1:

We now have new flow so will try to fix bugs in hours.

That’s good to know. Also re-connection/first time connection to server is fast. If I have the app running in background, when I bring it up, it use to take time. Sometimes I have to kill the app to re-connect but now it’s working great and connecting faster without killing the app.

Reconnection time will be decreased with regional servers. In 2-3 months optimistically.