[Solved-ish] ESP8266 Stand-alone, Need GPS location w/o GPS module

I tried doubling and then doubling again the numbers for respBuff and jsonBuffer, but it still failed after receiving and dumping a little more than 10K according to respLen. not sure if there is a hard coded amount that can be stored, but I didn’t see anything in the ArduinoJSON.CPP file. perhaps the ESP is limited by hardware but i find that hard to imagine since its just a single large page of text.

a double call if they have separate manageable pages would work but will use a lot of the API calls. perhaps you could call another site that will call the larger page and parse it into a manageable amount. i looked into parsing data from the page though and just got large text blob. no pretty X-paths to each number. Good Luck and keep us posted.

@JoeS I have the API calls set at 3 minutes which is covered by the 500 free calls per day.

Like you certain data would only needed to be collected once or once per day so 500 calls should be fine, even across two pages.

I think I have stopped the crashing now for the current conditions. I think it was because I had included a call to send the data to Blynk within SendWU, moved the function to within SendWUtoBlynk and all looks ok.

The other thing I have done is comment out Serial.print(F("bytesIn ")); Serial.println(bytesIn); as it is not important and can’t do the ESP any good if it tries to send hundreds of prints to Serial Monitor in a few seconds.

I will now move on to look at the forecast from the shorter page without current weather conditions.