[Solved] Is there sever error? blynk isnt working..ASIA

Is there sever error? blynk isnt working…ASIA
Please tell me what it is happening…
(I have reintalled the app but I can’t find what is problem,so,…)

Here , Korea
Why is there no answer for this question? Anybody there?

Hello. What exactly is not working? Servers are fine.

Oh, thanks ,. I’ll have to find another maybe cause. :slight_smile:
=>When I turn on the app, three dots are just rounding…that’s all,(Both LTEmobile connect and Wifi have the same result but internet on my phone is working well)and my problem.
sorry, but I dont have much idea of IOT and computing…

Was it working before? Did you change your network recently? Maybe moved abroad?

My desktop pc has Chrom supported by Zenmate recently
but I think this is not related to my smart phone and the app.hmm…

Do you use iOS?

No, I use Android

Me too, Open Blynk no response.korea

Thanks, I have thought this is the one only I have.
Where? I’m Kwangju gwangyeok si (저 광주살아요, 거긴 어디세요

@wkre and now?

Hi 저는분당요! 올해들어 자주다운되네요?

Oh, It’s working!! (I have done nothing…)I can turn on my room and read books

저는 두번째인거 같아요…

세네번 정도요 길게는 30분에서 5분정도요.