[SOLVED] I can not connect the client to the Blynk server, installed locally in Windows 10

I installed the server in windows 10, as recommended step by step on the Blynk server page, but I can not connect.

Note: I can open the admin page ( but the client is always displaying “Reconnecting to server …” Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

do you mind sharing some more info?
what do you mean by client? the hardware (arduino) or the phone?

if client == hardware:

  • check if your token / ip is correct
  • share your sketch here
  • check if you can connect to server with your phones blynk app

if client == phone:

  • check in admin panel if you can find your phone’s ip

have you entered correct token & IP address of local server in Arduino sketch ??

The customer I’m referring to is the telephone.
As for the hardware I think I need get the token first

I could not connect to the phone to get the token!

Problem solved!
My cell phone was connected to the router’s wifi from another subnet.
Thank you very much for your attention!

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