[SOLVED] How to use Http request with IFTTT

I have entered
URL :-
Content Type:
It`s not working
Please help me

@akshayjha look up the GET syntax for updating pins, it works.

Thanks for help @Costas can you please tell me which IP to use I am from India

ping blynk-cloud.com and it will tell you the IP.

how to ping By using CMD can you please tell me the procedure

What OS are you using?


DOS / CMD prompt then simply

ping blynk-cloud.com

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Thank you so much I am gonna try this

Ans what about content type and body

json and no body. If you checked the GET syntax you will see the “body” is in the url.

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I am trying it with IFTTT using webhooks
and details are
Method :- GET
content type :- application/json
BODY:- empty and I`ve also tried with [“1”]
please help ASAP

Does it work when you bash the url in a browser?

As you can see in Image no change no change in led state

What MCU are you using?

Looks like it’s not connected / you have the wrong IP / the wrong token.

Always test the api in a browser before trying IFTTT etc, if it don’t work in a simple browser it’s never going to work in laggy IFTTT.

Presumably it also fails with the following url:


I am using Node MCU V3 ESP8266 board

For ip I am using CMD as you can see in image
please tell me how to use it in browser atleast

But is this the same IP as the server that your MCU is connected to?

Are you in the same location as the MCU?

Yes both my laptop and esp8266 is connected to same WIFI network And for WIFI I am using here is my android mobile as hotspot

You don’t have regular internet available?

Your ESP is connected to the internet? How do you know it is?

Try changing the IP in the url to blynk-cloud.com

Hello this is akshay
because I am able to control led using blynk app which is working on regular internet and it shows device status online so it is connected to internet i am sure about this