[SOLVED] How to duplicate a project

G’day, I have finished my glass house system, where I use Blynk to alter the set points and display the current environment sensors. I now want to duplicate the system, so that I can control another glass house.

At the moment I create another Blynk and put that token in the duplicate system. The two systems (might even have another couple of systems in the near future) are totalling independent.

Is there a way of duplicating the original Blynk project so that I do not have to manually copy the project.

Look for the clone option

Thought clone option would be the solution, but Documents state:

‘Share your Project configuration. Others will get a clone of your project by scanning a given QR link, but they won’t be able to control your hardware. It’s great for tutorials, instructables, etc.’

Was not sure what was meant by “they won’t be able to control your hardware.”

Also the final product is a duplicate system able to control dedicated hardware, not something for tutorials.

Wont be able to control your hardware means that the clone will not be able to control the project it was cloned from. This allows you to share your APP set-up, but those who copy it will not be able to control your device.

For example, if one were to want to share there set-up for say a garage door opener project. They would not want anyone to be able to open their garage. So they would use the clone option. If they wanted to share the project with people in their household so they could have access to the garage, they would use the shared access option instead. With shared access the people who were shared with will not be able to edit the app/widgets, only use them.

Hope this explains it.

Yup, have the hang of it now, tks for your explanation.