[SOLVED] How to check for flooding disconnect / Can App flood?

My sketch is working as it should without disconnecting but as soon as I open the App I get disconnected constantly.


A) How do I check if flooding is the reason (or what the reason is)

B) Is it possible at all that the App can flood? I did set all values to 1 second and did use 32 VP and A0.




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There’s no delay in that test sketch that could cause the disconnect (as said I don’t get disconnected when App is offline. It connects and stays connected then).

I also don’t write to the App at the moment just Blynk.run and 4 Blynk Read functions.
But get disconnected often once the App is open so may the App flood or isn’t that possible?

Will look into that tomorrow, didn’t know about the enabling of debug.

Even if you don’t write you an still get disconnected for floor. Make sure the widgets set for push don’t read values too often so you don’t flood

By now throug testing I figured out you will get a flooding warning when flooding.
But I don’t get those in my sketch so I’m not flooding the server but get disconnected regulary once Blynk app is set to run. About every 15 Seconds I guess.