[SOLVED] How to change text in 'Labelled Value' from Arduino IDE

Hi there,

I am working on an app that basically consists of 2 buttons and a Labelled Value.
I want to display “Open” or “Closed” in the labelled value but I can’t since it seems that it only accepts numbers not text. Or am I mistaken?


Hi. Doesn’t /pin/ work as needed?

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When I tried to send text to the label, it went in the title of the label not on the main display. I used the following code:

Blynk.setProperty(V1, "label", "Open")

V1 is the Labelled Value

[edit] - “label” not “Label”

You need to use Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, "Open");

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Oh my! This works!

It’s been a long day today and the amount of errors I was getting… amazing haha

Thanks Dmitriy :slight_smile: