[Solved]Guidance on WIFIMANAGER (for WiFi setup), when WIFI Fails/Not Connected

Hello all

I am using Wifimanager for wifi setup in my projects and as usual it presented the captive portal for wifi credentials and works fine.The issue I face is if for some reason there is a Wifi disconnection(powerfail) it usually enters after certain time into captiveportal/access point state where I need to restart the board/microcontroller to make it connect to earlier saved WiFi information once the WiFi is back else it will simply remain in access point mode/captive portal state, I wanted a way if possible to continuously try after certain time for saved Wifi connection information

If you read the WiFiManager documentation on Github you’ll find the information you need.
Hint - it’s in the section that talks about the optional command wifiManager.setConfigPortalTimeout


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Thanks a lot for that