[SOLVED] GSM Data usage

Hi am planning to build a water control project with Blynk and with a Gsm Module. The project will be used to turn on a pump at a specific time and maybe some buttons to control them manually within the app. Relays will be used to turn on the pumps. The area where the project will be has no internet connection just Cellular Data. Now my question is how much data will blynk consume to operate. For example when a button is pressed and a pump is turned on?


Hello. We had the similar discussion here. You may use search for it. Briefly:

Alll depends on how you code it. One Blynk message is ~10-15 bytes depending on what you send. Button click message is ~10 bytes for example. So it really depends on how often do you send data and what data do you send.

Ok Thanks for you fast replay and help.