[SOLVED] German umlauts

@Gorkde it requires new deploy. In case of local server I could just give you server with fix.

Limitations :Maximum allowed email + subject + message length is 120 symbols.Only 1 email per minute is allowed. For local server you can change 1 minute interval.[quote=“Gorkde, post:17, topic:7236”]

  1. Is that still correct? That would be way to few to send error mail containing actual sensor data at error time for me. I read about #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES but what is the maximum number of bytes I am able to put there?

Depends on hardware.

Would be great if you could add some way to send larger email bodys for such status reports. Maybe upload in multiple packets then finally sent by command

Will need to go now.
Once the bug has been identified I got no problem waiting since I got much left to do anyway :wink:

@Gorkde This is hardware limitation as I know and dividing on packets may be not trivial. @vshymanskyy could clarify better.

@Gorkde 1 email per minute and setting #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 1200 will give you up to 1200 characters in the email body.


That’s why I suggested sending in multiple parts.

Something like:

Blynk.EmailSendBody(bodyNo, partNo, array);

Later to fire the mail:

Blynk.email(Emailaddress, Subject, bodyNo)

Do you know the max possible for ESP? Is that 1200?

@Gorkde by the way I just made a test for old server code and it displays umlauts just fine, however my fix may also help. So either problem in your client (it ignores UTF-8 header) or in hardware. However pushes works, so seems like problem not in hardware.

1200 will work with a decent ESP but I don’t know anymore than that.

@Costas Thanks will test then

@Dmitriy Ok, so I was right it did work earlier I did remember to have checked that before

Just to add the 1200 is subject and body not just body but you can test this out.

Was what I did want to test once back.

I found this at espressif’s pages for AT Firmware:
“maximum 2048 bytes per packet.”

@Dmitriy I just notice the Degree Symbol also doesn’t show correctly. Is this corrected with that patch as well?

@Costas Tried Sendbuffer 2048 and got no errror but my actual string is shorter, wwill look into it next days


I tried and found its working as long as I keep my Email Body limited to 1183 chars.
There is no Email is sent by Blynk once the Body is 1184 or larger.

I found this also is independent of the Subject field.

Body > 1183 failed
Body 1183 works with one Char in Subject as well as 40 chars in subject.

But why that strange numer? Together with that ending 0 it’s 1184.

So this probably is a limitation by Blynk. Else if that were a linitation on the bytes ESP might send it also should stop once I raise the suject chars.

No problem for me since my mail is shorter anyway but maybe some thing to improve, since I found the ESP should be able to send 2048 bytes.