[SOLVED] ESP8266 offline but visible in WLan

Hi all
since approx. 2-3 days my ESP8266 is not reachable through blynk app or over RESTFULAPI. strangely, the ESP8266 is visible in the WLAN. When i ping blynk-cloud.com i get the ip

Does this have to do with the moving of the blynk cloud Domain? is the ip correct? i really don’t get it.

thanks for helping

mostly you need to flash it again with the latest available Blynk library

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i flashed it 2 weeks ago, but i think it’s worth a try to flash again.
does the ip look good from the ping?

read this post Blynk cloud moving to new host blynk-cloud.com

Thanks scropion86!
in fact, i red a lot of Posts, also this one mentioned. but in the end it’s as always: RTFM.
did a re-flash and it works again :slight_smile:

cheers and have a nice sunday