[SOLVED] Esp8266 as WiFi shield setup

@gal.shlifer it is not possible to connect to Blynk without reading the docs.

Libraries are at https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/releases/tag/v0.3.4 and read what it says about the format. Don’t try to install the libraries with Iibraries manager of the IDE, it is not possible.

When you have these libraries you will have example sketches provided by Blynk, pick softserial, read all the notes in the sketch and then proceed.

Hello again,
Thanks for your help… I did read the documents and had the correct libraries
all i was missing is the correct example
I managed to connect ESP8266 and My Nano today and blinked an LED
Next step is to see analog reading from sensors on the Blynk app
Thanks a lot

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@gal.shlifer that was quick, it took me several days to do the same :slight_smile:

It took me more than a week
Like I said I was close but something was missing
Thanks again and have a good week

Yes I think the ‘5 minutes’ claim by Blynk must refer to the workers at an ESP factory, not us mere mortals :slight_smile:
In fairness it can be very quick with something like a WeMos, but not for shield mode and the existing design of an ESP-01.

@Costas, we try to be magicians, as much as we can :wink:
But there are no miracles!

The same thing is happening with me too.

What precisely is that?

its nice to hear sir, iam also having arduino uno and wifi module esp8266, and wants to control with blynk, please share me your ideas, mail me in mayengbamboinao@gmail.com

hey, now i am able to use my wi-fi car

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well what kind of work you actually want to do with the stuff.