[SOLVED] esp8266 as AP when I don't want it

I’ve got a basic sketch that literally only has a call to blynk.begin and yet once the module is running a new wireless AP appears and I can connect to it from my other devices.

How do I disable this AP?

WiFi.mode(m): set mode to WIFI_AP, WIFI_STA, WIFI_AP_STA or WIFI_OFF

You need to set it to WIFI_STA before blynk begin


I’m just getting started with the esp8266 and blynk. Is starting up as an AP normal, or was that setting somehow burned into the chip when I used this unit as an AP.

to elaborate, I did have a sketch running that set this unit up as an AP (I was experimenting with the samples) and have since replaced it with a bare-bones blynk sketch.

i think the esp modules remember the last used settings and try to startup and use that.
it s probably worth being explicit on startup about the mode you want to leave your esp in

Thanks. Worked perfectly