[SOLVED] Connecting to Blynk with Sparkfun ESP8266


I am new to Arduino so hopefully this tricky question for me is rather easy for all of you. I have connected a Whiteboxlab Tentacle shield to my Arduino Uno and added a Sparkfun ESP8266 wifi shield. My hope is that I can stream live data such as temperature and water pH to my phone remotely! I know all the shields are working properly as I ran through all the steps and the sample script given at https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/esp8266-wifi-shield-hookup-guide. Unfortunately, that is where my good luck stopped as I am having the hardest time connect my data to an platform such as Blynk. I have exhausted my google and youtube searches and I read through all the trouble shooting FAQs online. I am more than happy to post scripts, error messages, library’s, etc. to anyone who can help.


Welcome to the Blynk forum. I think you are the 2nd topic on the same Arduino & ESP issue within 24 hours.

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For example


Or just the ESP8266 by itself:


Uno with Sparkfun's ESP8266 Shield Would be helpful but whenever I try to run the script that seemed to work for others i get the error that I need #include <ESP8266_SoftSer.h> which is completely MIA.

You didn’t mention what that MIA #include was. Make sure you have properly installed all the correct ESP8266 libraries and board support in your IDE as well as all the Blynk libraries… listed here: