SOLVED communication between 2 nodemcu's

Hi there,

Been trying for a while to make an LED turn on a Nodemcu (Device 2) when sensor value of other Nodemcu (Device 1) is below treshold.

This is what i did so far:

  1. I write the sensor value to virtual Pin 8 of Device 1 (I can read this value in app)
  2. Device 2 runs basic sketch (
  3. I add Device 2 to my project in the app.
  4. I use eventor to turn D7 to value 255 when sensor Value V8 of Device 1 is below 250 (I target Device 2 in Eventor rules)
  5. This should turn on LED on Device 2, but this is not happening.

If I test the connection between the 2 devices by adding a button, I can control the LED with that button. So there seems to be a “connection” between the app and the 2 devices.

Before I post any code (using tzapu wifimanager making it confusing) I would like to hear your ideas on my above 5 steps: is this the procedure to send a value from one device to another and make an action or am I missing something?

Should I use Bridge function for this?

Appreciate your assitance.

I have solved my problem with the help of easy way to communicate directly between 2 devices using blynk and bridge function