[SOLVED] Client.jar location?

Just getting stated with Blynk and would like to use it’s Client.jar instead of an iPad but can’t find were the Client.jar is located. I’ve installed my local server and have been using an iPad but having everything together with greatly help.



Also were are my Blynk apps located when using a local server? Would like to back them up.

Not sure what you are looking for here… I have Local Server and there is no such file that I can find. And as for using it instead of an iPad?? I think what you are looking for is a IOS emulator program instead (if there is such a thing for IOS)… Or try MEmu for a good Android emulator.

I think they are all stored as text in your you@email.com.Blynk user file, and server made backups of such are stored in the Blynk/Backup folder… Or just backup the QR files from Cloning via the app (again I am unsure if that is available in IOS).

Thanks for the quick reply.

I thought I read that there was a emulator called client.jar that allowed using PC instead of tablet device. My bad.

I think my error is an email issue.
23:08:45.534 ERROR- Error sending email auth token to user : xxxx@trahreg.com. Error: Could not convert socket to TLS

Any idea what is causing it? Using local server. Server starts without errors.

Some Googling of your error shows AV and/or certificate issues, and searching this forum for same error points to your computers AV being the most likely culprit

Local server supports only gmail accounts. As other providers may have another setup options.

That’s correct. However, we do not provide support for it.

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I wasn’t aware of that… I just happened to have one, so I never questioned it :wink:

Can you clarify that fact in the github instructions please? What is there just looks like you picked gmail for the example.

It is already stated in docs.

Well, it says this, which implies other options.

  • In case you are using gmail on the Local Server you are limited with 500 mails per day (by google). Other providers may have similar limitations, so please be careful.

Found error with email issue. It was Avast AV. But can’t seem to find fix other than turning it off. Ideas?

Also were can I download the Client.jar?


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You will probably need to work with Avast support on how to make program exceptions.