[SOLVED] Change of the slider sends the value double with a BLYNK_WRITE(V35) command

Last time by a change of the slider Blynk sends the value double with a BLYNK_WRITE(V35) command . Is this a know issue? I use version 0.4.8 of the Arduino Blynk library and the current version of de Android app.

@Leander are you sure? Maybe you do 2 touches?

I’am very sure and test it several times with a print statement in the BLYNK_WRITE command. Could it be because the project is shared? Maybe since that moment start the problem.

Don’t think so. Anyway we will check. Thanks for reporting.

Could you add here a screenshot of slider’s settings?

Strange range for slider 0-1?

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My screen design is row oriented with the row height of an LED. In the row I need a switch and the only option is to use a slider to turn the switch on or off. The button is too large. Is it not allowed to use a slider in this way?


I confirm that when Slider value changes, two BLYNK_WRITE are executed on hardware side.

Problem appear after last updates, I don’t know if with library or android application update (As they were made at the same time :frowning: ).

It’s not because of the sharing of the project.

Happening to me too. Since this was an old issue (it was fixed at some point, but apparently there’s a regression), i have a check in place to only run my code if it’s been at least 1s since the last write event.

if (millis() - lastRun < 1000) {
lastRun = millis();

We just published release with fix.

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I confirm that with last Android update problem is fixed.


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