SOLVED - Cannot connect to local server (Win10)

I’m sorry, I know this is such a noob problem and I have searched this forum and elsewhere but not been able to find any suggestions that have worked.

I have launched a local server on my Win10 machine. On the same machine I can access the admin portal ( However I cannot connect the app, and I cannot access the admin portal on other devices connected to the same network (Win10 laptop/Chrome and iPhone/Safari).

I first assumed this would be a firewall problem, and created a rule to open up port 9443, but this has not made any difference. I also temporarily disabled my AV and FW, but still couldn’t connect.

Any suggestions?

Okay, this could be two untreated things - or not.

With the app, what custom server settings are you using?

On your Win10 server, what do you have in your file, especially the allowed.administrator.ips= setting.


Hi Pete, thanks for the response.

App custom server settings are; IP: Port: 9443 is completely default (the guide I followed did not mention updating this):

Many thanks

That looks okay. I’d try rebooting everything (including your router), making sure your Blynk server is started-up again, and if it still doesn’t work then try digging deeper into the firewall settings.



I changed the IP address in the Custom server details on the app to my computer’s IP address (, rather than the IP used to access the admin portal ( and it works. I don’t understand why this is, seems confusing!!