[SOLVED] Cannot access local server admin page

i`m trying to use local server, but cannot access admin page.
IPv6 CDR notation address not supported by Blynk Admin Server. Please use single IP instead.

What exactly do you write into your address bar?
Are you using IPv6 or IPv4?
And do you use a server.properties file?

Where can i find the server.properties file?

Here but it’s not necessarily needed. You copy that into a .txt file and edit it then you save it as server.properties

Try out this address for your server
The option with localhost isn’t working for me either.

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Yep it’s working now.
Thank you!

I’m not sure, but I think the latest Windows version’s don’t come with a filled host file which defines localhost as

This file (windows\system32\drivers\etc) is usually filled with this.

Hm… Interesting. Didn’t know that. Made s for doc.

hlo Dmitriy i have a problem with admin page which ip is useful plz explain and plz put complete document

@Pradee_Varma this topic was covered in the last 48 hours. Fix was using https, not http and proper use of CDR notation.

Search the site for the last “server.properties” post and let us know if that doesn’t fix your problem.