[Solved] Can Virtual pins added the other pin on the dashboard?

I have a project with blynk app. It’s work on my local server. By using 2 NodeMCU devices
the data were collected on 2 widgets Virtual pin 1 (V1) and Virtual pin 2 (V2) shown on dashboard.
And like the topic i want the other pin to sum these two Virtual pins
Like! (V3) = (V2) + (V1) on the dashboard. Can it be possible from two devices? and any suggestion?
Thank you! all.

Yes, it’s very well possible. Either using the Bridge function/widget or just using the same Auth token for both devices. With that last way they “share” all vPins as it were.

Thank you, Lichtsignaal for hope!! , I should learn Bridge function. and this is my project

Bridge would be the most elegant choice, I agree, especially if you are making larger projects. The disadvantage of using same auth for your devices is that you can use a certain vpin on just 1 device, so you will be limited in the number of vPins.

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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WOW, Finally, Bridge is work.
Spend time, 80% to find suitable #include <library.h> and the version of arduino IDE Bugs.
Got code from the original bridge example .

Thank you !, Lichsignaal

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