[SOLVED] Can Blynk run with two servers?

Can Blynk run with two servers at same time?

Hello, nowadays I’m using Blynk with the Blynk Server at work with some devices but i want to install a local server at home with other devices. Can Blynk run with two servers at same time? or I have to change the server every time at work and home?

Short answer, NO.

Longer answer… A server is an entity of it’s own. So even if you had the same login and made the same projects, each would be completely independent and require their own Auth codes, control their own hardware and so on. No synchronization between them (well not without a lot of hacking I guess - it is open source :wink: )

Your solution may be setting up port forwarding on your router so you could access your Local Server from work, over the internet. Just program your App and devices (if they are also at work), with the public IP address of your router.

OK! I understand, It’s like my own server in the cloud. In this way both applications have the same server. Is that right?

Exactly. We call it Local Server as a way of differentiating it from Blynk’s Cloud Server, but a server is a server, and if you set yours up to be securely accessible from outside your home network, then you have your own private “cloud” server.

Amazing!! Thanks a lot!

Just be aware that each server is completely separate from all others. So you will need to setup your Local Server, create a new account via your App (linked to your server). Then either clone and email yourself all your Blynk’s server projects, or using a 2nd phone, clone and scan your existing projects over to the new account/server, generate new auth codes, and update them in your sketches.

Ok I understand! Thanks a lot for your help!