[SOLVED] Blynk with ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini and ESP-12) and Lua script


I’m just trying to “play” with ESP8266, I’ve got Wemos D1 mini and ESP-12.
I would like to use Nodemcu as fw with Lua script.

Is it possible to use Blynk with Lua script?
I would like to use it with ESPlorer as IDE.

I haven’t found any info about this?

Can someone help?


Hello. This is possible. But not simple. I think good starting point for you would be python and javascript examples.

We don’t provide Lua library yet, but we can assist someone who wants to develop it :wink:


can you answer a couple of questions?

Why do you want to use lua, do you have an existing project or code using it?
Why have you chosen ESPlorer? the Arduino IDE (for example) is much more common, so easier to get help with when you are learning/playing?

Do you have a particular thing in mind that you are trying to make?

Also, the ESP-12 comes with Nodemcu(lua), but is easily flashed using Arduino IDE (and put back to lua with ESPFlasher), so it just becomes ‘another simple/basic mcu’, but obviously having WiFi built in.


Hi dBuggz

when I started with ESP8266 I thought that using Lua was easier than with Arduino IDE.
After sometime I have to say that was not true, so I’m going to use it.

Actually, I found some interesting project written in Lua that I would like to integrate, but I see that “converting” from Lua to Arduino IDE is not so simple.



yes, that’s what I found. The lua examples were harder to find and use but I like the language a lot, so i have run a bit of both :slight_smile: .


@dBuggz hi. was you able to make lua work with Blynk?


No I don’t remember getting any lua+Blynk going. I have different ESP’s running lua or running code done in Arduino IDE.


No I wasn’t!
I abandoned Lua and moved completely to Arduino IDE.

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