[Solved] Blynk runs to wrong server

i’ve a project running; Arduino Uno 4 buttons with Blynk and a relais-board. Connected with USB.
Did not work in one try, but with some help…

Next project: A stand-alone Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 (with the same relais-board)

Programming as ‘stand-alone esp’ Program uploaded like a charme… Hurray!

But: ‘device offline’

In Serial i got an “Invalid auth token” .
I checked, asked a new one, tried again… "Invalid auth token’

Now in Serial monitor i see it’s not conneting with server because of this but also: it runs to MAIN SERVER (at Blynk.cc BUT: i’m on a ‘European’ (?) server as per Dmitry’s instructions.

Where can i change the server-path and how (newbie answer, plz)



Nobody should be trying the dead cc server.

Other Blynkers seem to have failed to update libraries via the IDE and ended up with the cc server.

Have you done any upgrades via the IDE recently?

See this thread for a possible fix [Solved] Error cannot connect my esp to wifi

Thx Costas, your answer, and especcially the suggestion directing me to the possible fix, made me understand the whole.
It was a mix- up with libraries.
I have put all of the folders arduino, blynk and ( don’t forget !!) the arduino15* folder in a _OLD Arduino an re-installed.

Manually i made a change in de script ‘blynk-ser.bat’ (needed with Arduino Uno on serial USB) to direct all traffic to the rigth server ( in my case instead of blynk cloudserver)

I had to after-install the esp866 library from the esp8266 comunity (found and installed with boardmanager) to connect my Adafruit HUZZAH esp8286 breakout board ( like!) and in the Sketch i had to put in the right server on the right place.

This last change i took from an an examplesketch in the ‘getting started’ info within Blynk.

Anyway: Thankx for pointing me to the right direction…

*Beware of this 'arduino15’folder.
It is in (Windows) path: username/AppData/Local/arduino15 Don’t forget to (re)move this as well !!



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