[SOLVED] Blynk Project keeps restarting

Hi all.

Can anyone see why my project keeps halting and restarting whenever void save changes() is called?

The void savechanges is as follows…

void savechanges()
  char bufTime1[20];
  sprintf(bufTime1, "%02d:%02d", doser1timeH, doser1timeM);
  char bufTime2[20];
  sprintf(bufTime2, "%02d:%02d", doser2timeH, doser2timeM);
  char bufTime3[20];
  sprintf(bufTime3, "%02d:%02d", doser3timeH, doser3timeM);
  char bufTime4[20];
  sprintf(bufTime4, "%02d:%02d", doser4timeH, doser4timeM);

  String body = String("Alkalinty will dose ") + doser1amount + "ml at " + bufTime1; + " Calcium will dose "+ doser2amount + "ml at " + bufTime2 + " Magnesium will dose "+ doser3amount + "ml at " + bufTime3 + " Reef Nutrition will dose "+ doser4amount + "ml at " + bufTime4;
  Blynk.virtualWrite(V13, 0);
  Serial.println("Changes saved");

It stops and restarts after the Blynk.notify line. I get the Blynk push message on my phone, but then obvs it stops. Can anyone see why and how I can fix it?

If you need the full code let me know, but its quite long.

Thanks in advance, Steve.

Fixed it myself. Leaving the post up for info.

I didn’t realise the message was so long so had to add the following code at the top to extend the amount that could be sent…


Works fine now. :slight_smile:

What are you making? The reason I ask is I am writing the code to make an Alkalinity controller similar to the Alkatronic

Hi mate. That’s exactly what I’m making. However it is a four pump unit.

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Ahh a doser, I made a 6 doser for myself for my aquarium

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