[SOLVED] Blynk menu

hi all, how i can set blynk menu? how i can set the if? Can you send me some sketch?
thank you very much


hi dmitriy, i had read this sketch but, i don’t know where put if

What is this “if” you keep mentioning?? Menu selection uses switch case

Perhaps you can explain your question better?

Thank You.

When i select an item, i want that some led is on but, i don’t know how to do ( sorry for my english)

Read the Documents for the Menu Widget


It uses the Switch Case command I mentioned (check that green link out as well).

Then add commands to do stuff where required…

switch (param.asInt())
    case 1: { // Item 1
      //Run some command here
    case 2: { // Item 2
      // Runs some other command here
    case 3: { // Item 3
      // etc...

I’ll try thank you!