[Solved] Blynk && Cayenne

Old Arduino user, First attempt with Blynk.
I know there are similar threads but trying to figure it out until I realize about the problem…
Arduino 1.8.1 installation on OSX Sierra.
Blynk 0.4.4 libraries installed
Wemos D1 mini board (espxxxx boards installed in arduino)
Loaded the basic example (ESP8266_Standalone sketch)
Token and auth data ok
Then all I get from the serial monitor is:
[264] Connecting to blynk
[6767] Connected to WiFi
[6767] My IP:
[6768] state 0, tconn 0
[6768] Connecting to cloud.blynk.cc:8442
[12960] Connect failure
[12960] state 0, tconn 0

Changing the server address in BlinkConfig.h I noticed NO changes were made in the connection, so I looked for any file in the libraries with the “cloud.blynk.cc” string. Only 2 python files included en Cayenne´s libraries had that data…
CAYENNE was messing with blynk comms
Deleted Cayenne´s library and everything started working.
I spent 5 hours on this… :frowning:

Hello. So what is your question?

Sorry, it was not a question. It´s an annoying issue I was dealing with, and I just like to tell anyone that has found the same problem.
So , is not possible to have both libraries together and use both platforms at the same time for different projects?

Cayenne uses a modified version of Blynk library (included inside of their library), which is very outdated BTW.
To use Blynk, please remove Cayenne library from your PC.

Actually it’s the Cayenne’s problem, so you should ask them to handle this.


A cheap copy can never be compared to an original :slight_smile:

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I have tell Cayenne about the problem. They asked me about the phyton files referencing outdated blynk servers… They don’t even know where are those files?..
And now that we are in conversation, please let me ask you(nothing to do with this post, by the way) : I was a kickstarter supporter of blynk, but now I have the “energy” around and is asking for money to recharge… Don’t we have access to all the widgets for free?

All Kickstarter people got an email to redeem the Energy. Please DM me your email address you used during Kickstarter campaign - I’ll re-send it to you.