[Solved] Blynk business

Is it possible to run a buissness using blynk?

try local server option?

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Nop, just as it is. Is it possible dave?

well, if you make a profit from the business, then i guess other people are paying Blynk, so yes, it is possible, but you still need to provide money to Blynk…

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Ah thanks Dave,Yah i pay for blynk for many small purposes but not a big amount. And what you mean by "other people are paying blynk "

@Shahmy if you charge local businesses and individuals for your time setting them up with Blynk, hopefully they will buy millions of dollars of Energy. If everyone wanted to pay nothing to Blynk, there would be no Blynk.

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@Shahmy This portion of Blynk is Open Source (except the App) so theoretically I guess you could use a Local Server and charge directly for your “services” (referencing Blynk as the product used is common requirement).

However, if you want a commercial product made by Blynk then look over on their Business side… https://www.blynk.io/

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Wow yah head shot clear. This is what i wanted to know. Thanks Gunner.

You can’t use Blynk commercially without signing up for http://www.blynk.io/plans.


Ah okay pavel thanks I’ll look into it.

Well, in my country 199 bucks is the half of my base salary, i have no credit card, so i can’t get a Paypal account. I just learnt the basics of Blynk, but looks like i’m gonna have to use Telegram and Twitter to make projects out from my house :frowning:

Sounds like you make more then me :wink:

You don´t need a Blynk business plan for home use.

Only if you expect to sell your projects commercially. In which case, if you can’t afford the cost of business… well… you are in the wrong business :wink:

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There is no easy solution to this. If $200 is 50% of the typical monthly salary in your country then presumably any iOT projects that you sell to individuals in your local area will also need to be for a trivial amount, compared to prices in the “developed” world.

Blynk developers have running costs associated with the “developed” world and therefore they need to recoup these costs.

The only fix I can think of is to build projects that will have worldwide appeal so you can sell them at “developed world” prices.

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