[SOLVED] Blynk app says "device is offline"

with above code, as per router connected devices, Wemos D1 is connected to wifi. But blynk app says “device is offline” what might be the resion.

So many reasons that based on your informative details, a guess is all you get… Improper Authcode between the App and device?

AuthCode was right,
i changed the code little bit. now i’m using

@sanjaysy Instead of trailing on someone else’s topic any further, I moved your post into your own topic.

Please post your “modified” code and clarify what hardware, versions of App and Blynk Library, and whether or not you are using Cloud or Local server.

Thank you.

I have experience a frequent disconnection with my esp-201 because of my firmware code is loading the data post to cloud server.
Maybe you can share your code here.