[SOLVED] Blynk app access via VPN?

Has anything changed at Blynk in the last couple of weeks that might prevent Android Blynk app (versons 2.14.4 and 2.14.6) from connecting while CyberGhost v6 VPN is active on the same device?

I’ve tried re-installing CyberGhost, but only stopping it (not necessarily exiting it) will allow the Blynk app to connect. With CyberGhost v5, I could connect with no difficulty. I can still connect with no difficulty using another VPN. I can not test CyberGhost 5 now due to an upgrade to their service that now requires their v6 app. I’ve reported this issue to them but I’m checking with you in case you know of an incompatibility.

VPN’s are likely to give you access to a different Blynk server to the one you signed up with.

Your Blynk App access details are specific to each server unless you change blynk-cloud.com to a specific IP in the app.

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I understand “likely”- My question is specifically about any recent changes at Blynk.

Access through this particular VPN (which I can confirm randomly selected a server) worked until they recently made some upgrade. Another VPN still works with Blynk. The one that upgraded says it must be Blynk (I know, I know…) so I have to ask.

We had no recent changes to infrastructure as far as I know.