(SOLVED) App 2.12.1 - Added back the No Video issue

Hey Blynk Developers, My app updated to ver 2.12.1 today… and according to Google Play there was a bugfix and a permissions removal (read phone state).

Some of the bugs I have reported are still there (Sliders dropping to 0 if value is equal to MAX and a HD graphical bleed over in the Level widget - also related to incoming value as compared to MAX).

But most notable (and important) is that I LOST the use of the Video Widget, again… just juggling little green balls for a couple of minutes… or perhaps that IS the new feature? “The new improved juggling widget, now juggles longer!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Android 7.0 on Nexus 6

That is the “previously announced” Hypnotise yourself Widget: Look at juggling balls for at least ten minutes, then tell us, if You are still there :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, we know about this issue. Today will be released next build with a fix to fix )

I’ve missed the thread about slider’s issue - could you add a link to it?

On level display issue - I’m also using Nexus 6, but have no such issue

And after that we will release a fix for fix to fix. And after that - fix for fix to fix to fix… :smile:

I’ll reopen ticket for that.

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Reproduced slider and level issues - they have very specific steps to reproduce) I guess today we will release a next bugfix build, so after its install please update this thread on all 3 issues (especially video one).

Blynk version 2.12.2 should be available - all described issues are fixed. At the end of this week, there probably would be one more bugfix build for some issues with video widget.

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I often have too much time, but not enough clarity of mind to do fancy programming, so I find ways of using existing things, “uniquely” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you all for your patience with my specific glitch finds.

Installed App 2.12.2 and everything (including video for me) works great again! :+1:

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